• The “Marketplace of Ideas” is an opportunity for innovative, out-of-the-box, or challenging initiatives on green, sustainable, and digital issues from Europe and the rest of the world to showcase their experience. We look for consolidated examples that work in reality but do not exclude ongoing projects if they open new perspectives. Introduce your case online HERE – we will contact you for technical details afterward.

  • Cases exposed at this Marketplace of Ideas enjoy a reduced Congress Fee. They shall present their experience in the foyer of the conference with a 1×2 mts poster displays free of cost.

  • Contest to be voted by the congress participants. They will select the four most inspiring cases. Winners will be presented at the closure session of the ECRT2021.

  • A selection of four comprehensive cases related to the Panels 1-4 will be included in the plenary sessions. These cases are invited all cost paid, but cannot participate in the contest.

  • Electronic-only presentation of cases (i.e. without physical exposition with a panel at the Marketplace of Ideas) is possible, following a standard template (PowerPoint or PDF) that assures a common structure and allows for comparing all cases along with the same criteria. Such cases will be included in the conference documentation, but cannot participate in the contest.


  • 15th-August-2021            for cases to be considered for plenary
  • 25th-September-2021     for the rest (poster displays, or only electronic)